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1. (uncountable noun) [difficulty]   guai mpl
 to be in trouble [having problems]   essere nei guai
 to get into trouble [with sb in authority]   cacciarsi nei guai
 the trouble with sb/sthg is …   il guaio di qn/qc è …
2. [bother, pain, illness]   disturbo m
 to take the trouble to do sthg   prendersi il disturbo di fare qc
 to be asking for trouble   cercar guai
3. (uncountable noun) [fighting]   scontri mpl
4. (uncountable noun) POL   disordini mpl



transitive verb Conjugaison
1. [worry, upset]   turbare
2. [interrupt, disturb]   disturbare
3. [cause pain to]   dare problemi a



plural noun
1. [worries]   preoccupazioni fpl
2. POL   disordini mpl